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Galvo scan Laser welding machine

  • Name:Galvo scan Laser welding machine
    Release date:2019-02-08 16:20:40
    Product introduction:Galvo scan laser welding machine is mainly applied for spot welding on battery, USB and mobile parts etc
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Laser advantage:


1. We are online 24/7 hours, it can contact us any time if customer need help.


2. 200W laser power with Eight capacitor, 400W laser power with sixteen two more than general manufactures to ensure the put out light more stable of the machine.


3. Fiber laser output, it can work with mechanical arm and production line.


4. Put the focus on quality, Even each small parts all use TOP10 brand of chinese to keep the machine running stable. 


5. Customizable automation tools, can meet mass production of products


6. Eight capacitor, two more than general manufactures.more stable when welding.


7. we are the professional manufacturer, also can supply you the most suitable welding machine for your



8.The machine will be easy to operate, we can prodvied "English Operation Instruction","Software Operators Manual",any "tutorial video" for customer undertand better.


Applicable Industry:


They are widely used in battery industry, IT industry, electronics, optical communications industry, sensor industry, hardware industry, the auto parts industry, mold repair welder industry, glasses industry, porcelain teeth, the solar energy industry, and electric industry.



Laser power supply with Energy negative feedback

The working principle of Energy negative feedback is to gain an energy detection device at the output end of the laser as to detect laser energy size. Real-time feedback of the signal to the control side is then compared with the energy set theory, forming a closed loop control system to achieve the purpose of accurate control of the laser energy output as follow:


The negative energy feedback technology allows the laser output energy with good repeatability, simply put, is to ensure that each output of the laser energy stability, which can be effective in reducing the defect rate of the product.



Output waveform can be any set of welder materials, shape, etc.
Specific workpiece welder process, according to the shape and materials of the work, change the output waveform of the laser energy can greatly improve the welder quality, and even some traditional laser welder problems can be solved by changing the laser output waveform.


The laser can achieve multi-fiber output at the same time
Compared with traditional hard light output, you can increase the freedom of processing, process multi-beam and multi-bit at the same time, providing the conditions for more precise welder.

Welding or welder timeshare can be realized through the energy of light or time light splitting.
Rich in the I / O interface, users can easily control the welder machine
The key components are imported, to ensure the quality of the product




Promotion Price 60W 100W 120W Scanner Laser welding machine with fiber laser source (pulse)


Laser power 



Beam length



Max pulse energy



Spot diameter



Optical fiber systme


Japan Mitsubishi

Power consumption


6 KW

Output power



Pulse repetition frequency


1 to 100HZ

Repeat precision



Water tank 



Focal length




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Domestic address: No.1, Jingye Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City No.6
Liuhe Pioneer Park , Huanggang , Hubei

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