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Automatic laser welding machine with wire feeding system

  • Name:Automatic laser welding machine with wire feeding system
    Release date:2019-02-08 15:01:33
    Product introduction:Automatic laser welding machine is applied for all kinds of metal welding Small welding zoon and nice finishing
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Laser welding machine uses ceramic reflecting cavity imported from the Britain, featuring high power, programmable pulse and intelligent system management. The Z-axis of the work bench can move upwards and downwards to focus and is controlled byindustrial PC. Standard separate X/Y 2D automatic moving work bench is configured.Rotary clamp(φ80mm or 125mm)is also optional. The monitor system usesmicroscope, red light and CCD .External cooling system is also equipped.


Applicable Industry:


4D fiber laser welding machine can weld many kind of product. For example teapot, shower head, glasses, battery etc product with fast welding speed and perfect welding effect.  




1. With energy feedback control system, each welding spot is even to ensure good effect.

2. It is suitable for complicated welding parts, and seam welding within 1mm thickness

3. With energy or time splitting, it can achieve one time welding or time split welding

4. Fiber laser output, can work with mechanical arm and production line. 


Process Advantages:
When compared with other welding processes, laser welding has the following advantages:
• No undercut/sink of the weld or base metal surrounding the welded area when proper techniques have been used.
• Minimal heat input to the mold base metal resulting in no or the lowest possible distortion to precision features in close proximity to the weld repair area.
• Minimal weld metal deposited resulting in minimal machining to restore the part to its original dimensions.
• Hard, tough resultant weld metal attributable to the fine grain structure of the weld metal, which is a result of the extremely rapid solidification of the laser weld.
• Extremely precise control of the weld metal location, which allows for welding within a few thousands of an inch of features that are not to be disturbed on the mold.
• Little to no discoloration of the weld and the surrounding base material.





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Domestic address: No.1, Jingye Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City No.6
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